" Well if the Incredibles have family super suits, we need family super suits". Luke has been pretty consistent in working Mom and Dad on the Super family idea. "When are we going to make our super suits?" "My Super power is that I'm fast, really super lightning fast", .. thus "Lightning Luke". Mom what's your super power? Dad what's your super power? Isabella? Mom has super mind powers in that she always knows what Luke is doing and thinking("Tornado Brain"). Isabella has been dubbed Super "QTpie" (alias "The Hurricane"), and Dad has become Luke's side kick "Super Thunder pants". ;). "When are we going to make our super suits? OK, OK, ... with the idea in hand, we set out on the mission. Luke designed the super suit(logo, color, etc.) Mom set out with Luke to acquire the materials, and Dad found the Boston "Edna" to make it so. As you can see, Luke's enjoying his new wears and keeping the city safe. With one suit made and tested, perhaps Mom, Dad, and Iz will have to step into their new super duds in the near future.
Stay tuned!

Lightning, Hurricane, Tornado, and Thunder pants